Large Size Capacity

Techno West offers abrasive blasting and coating services for large and oversize shapes and assemblies, skids, vessels, stacks and plate.

Techno West can offer large scale from the 7 1/2 acre size of it's laydown yard to the 20' x 80' abrasive blasting enclosure.

Paint bays are large, indoors, well lighted and ventilated. Inclement weather is never a challenge, as all coating operations occur under roof.

Truck traffic is handled methodically in large pull-through lanes designated for fast offloading and loading. A dock-high truck ramp is also available for covered loads.

Lifting aparatus include large and extra large lift trucks, as well as a bridge crane spanning the full width of the yard.

Super-sized loads can be coordinated with stinger crane lifting assistance for loads up to 50 tons and above.