Facility History

Techno West is a specially designed facility, one of the largest of its kind in the U.S.A. It is equipped to abrasive blast and apply coatings to structural steel, plates, piping, vessels and piling as well as all manner of fabricated shapes.

Founded in 1979, Techno West is the brainchild of Michael Birney, owner of Techno Coatings, Inc. He envisioned a place where steel structures could be prepared and coated in a clean, environmentally agreeable setting instead of in the field.

A retired manufacturing facility was found in Anaheim, California comprising 7 ½ acres and nearly 100,000 square feet of coating area under roof. Extensive retrofitting occurred, including building one of the west's largest abrasive blasting booths with a live recovery floor and a recyclable media classification system, installing state-of-the-art spray and coating enclosures, and implementing state licensed emissions control equipment.

Handling equipment was installed including a large bridge crane traversing the entire width of the property. Lift trucks of various capacities were purchased, including one 18 ton "Big Bertha” for those particularly heavy loads.

As clients became aware of the facility, a stream of shapes, sizes and complexity started to trickle into the facility. Soon the trickle became a constant stream of industrial, commercial and architectural pieces. Every piece represented an item that need not be coated in the field with the attendant mess, fumes and lack of environmental controls.

Early clients ranged from local amusement parks and stadium owners to the United States Air Force Vandenberg Space Complex. Today, mechanical contractors and fabricating shops, both large and small find the concept to be a solution to some of their most difficult issues regarding messy coatings, fumes and VOC's on site. Interference with other trades, dust and overspray, and government agency interference are all solved with one call.

Techno West serves a wide array of clientele in most every construction, maintenance and government sector. Highly specialized coatings are applied to demanding specifications across a wide array of structural shapes and uses. The One Stop coatings concept has increased profits and streamlined critical schedule challenges for hundreds of project managers, owners and contractors.