Shop coatings and abrasive blasting

Civil and government

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Techno West serves many clients in the Civil and Government Market.  Those clients include contractors who perform civil work on dams, waterways, canals, sea wall abutments, bridges, shoring and retaining walls.
Structures and shapes are delivered to Techno West prior to construction, driving, drilling or emplacement.  Shapes include sheet pile, soldier and "H" pile, pedestrian bridges, large bore piping, tainter gates, trash racks and penstocks.
Careful attention is taken to follow strict government specifications for surface preparation and the proper application of the coatings.  Quality is assured and documented by the Techno West NACE Certified inspection staff.  This presents to the client a paper trail to authenticate proper application of the coatings specification.
Construction tie-in to the project is available by utilizing Techno Coatings field staff, who follow the coated shape onto the site, touch-up weld lanes, apply finish coats as specified and assure that the finished product is properly completed as specified.