Shop coatings and abrasive blasting

Posted Thursday, August 23, 2012

Techno West-- One Stop, Turn-Key Solution to Pre-Erection Coatings

The concept of pre-erection shop coatings has been maturing in an increasingly difficult construction atmosphere.

Old style construction procedures were more tolerant of having to compromise with painting contractors who devoured the critical time pathways of other trades on the site. Consumed too was valuable real-estate that needed to be cordoned off to accommodate the overspray, fumes and simple physical presence of the painting crew.

Historically lacking also was a reliable solution to a quality shop coatings facility, based on modern corrosion control sciences and large scale output. Small regional shop facilities struggled to keep up with large projects, exacting quality control, and a modern technically trained staff of applicators, quality control specialists, and competent management.
Fabrication shops would exceed their specialty area and attempt to be modern day coatings professionals, often with disastrous results. 

Things have Changed!  Today, large scale industrial construction projects are all very tightly scheduled and benefit greatly from offsite pre-erection coatings.

By utilizing the capable and professional services of Techno West, Project managers can schedule critically timed sub-trades in a paint-free environment while the surface preparation and coating process is being conducted offsite in a high volume, permitted and SSPC Certified abrasive blasting and coating facility in Anaheim California.

Structures, shapes subparts, and major members of power plants, bridge and rail retrofitting, marine and infrastructure facilities, architecturally exposed steel in modern manufacturing campuses and retail establishments, amusement rides, and factories can be coated perfectly to the architect's specification.  They are then loaded and delivered right to the site in a just-in-time framework for any particular phase of the building timeline.

Touch-up after erection, and top coating if chosen, can then occur at the site, often by veteran applicator staff provided by Techno Coatings' field services.
Available too is traditional abrasive blasting and coating of non-erected structures such as sheet and "H” piling, traffic plates, vessels, rolling stock, silos, and any structure that will fit on a flatbed carrier.
Yes, Techno West is your One Stop, Turn-Key solution to pre-erection coatings.