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Techno West is a specially designed facility equipped to abrasive blast and apply coatings to structural steel, plates, piping, vessels and piling as well as all manner of fabricated shapes.
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  • Structural Steel. Complex Structures
    Techno West specializes in abrasive blasting and coating of structural steel in the form of trusses, pedestrian bridges, canopies, stairs and stringers, manufactured assemblies, handrails and plate.
  • Utilities, Power and Petro Chemical
    Utilities and Power: Pre-construction abrasive blasting and coating skids, stacks, fuel lines, pipe racks, all size pipes, valves and ductwork
  • Amusement Parks and Attractions
    Amusement Parks and Attractions: Pre-construction surface preparation and coating to rigid specifications including Roller coasters, rides, superstructure construction, building trusses, conveyances, and ride vehicles.
  • Civil and Government
    Civil and Government: Abrasive blasting, coating to government specifications, bridge girders, sheet piling, soldier pile, structural members, trusses and assemblies, seismic retrofit steel, handrails, gateways and fencing
  • Commercial/ Architectural
    Commercial/Architectural: Pre-construction surface preparation and coating of architecturally visible shapes and structures such as stairs, canopies, elevator enclosures, wayfinding signs and glass curtain wall supports
  • Tanks, Vessels, and Process
    Techno West specializes in exterior coating and interior lining of tanks, vessels, site waste haulers and fresh water containers.